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Jean Cartier (1924-1996) Page Added To

Mature Jean Cartier

Mature Jean Cartier

I have added a page on renowned Quebec ceramist and muralist Jean Cartier. Ironically less known outside of Quebec today he was a major and inspiring influence in ceramics, especially during the 1970s to the 1990s.  His vision and techniques crossed stylistic and technical boundaries.

His contributions to studio ceramics and public art should be more widely recognized. I hope the page will help.

Alain-MarieTremblay Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada

tremblay portrait young website v af4a0fb2173213fc-Alain1I have added a page on Val David, Quebec, ceramic sculptor, muralist and potter, Alain-Marie Tremblay.

His work spans over fifty years and includes the functional through to sculpture, tiles, architectural facades, murals and portals. His media include stoneware, porcelain and bétonique, the clay/concrete medium he developed.

His work has also been extensively recognized, exhibited and collected internationally yet he stays true to Val David to create his works.

Enjoy the life and work of Alain-Marie Tremblay.