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Pierre-Aimé Normandeau Victor CicanskyBarbara Tipton, David Lambert Les Manning,  Jean Cartier,  Jan and Helga Grove, Carol SmeraldoHarlan House, Thomas (Tommy) Kakinuma, Robin Hopper Update, Alain-Marie Tremblay, John Chalke Tom Smith, Margo Meyer,  Walter Dexter, Stan & Jean ClarkeDebra SloanGaétan Beaudin, Judy BlakeBrendan Tang,  Connie PikeEnid Legros-Wise Keith Campbell,  Susan Collett,  Ann Mortimer,  Paula Murray

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Donn Zver,Valerie Metcalfe, Pam Birdsall and Tim Worthington, Ed Drahanchuk, Peter Powning and many more .

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. allan collier

    Hi Barry
    It’s been a while since we last emailed. Obviously you have been busy with the site, a most welcome resource.
    I recently looked a the Clarke entry and thought I might be able to add something, at least some images of their work (pottery and enamel) in the Reagh Studio days.
    They sold through the Quest (stores in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Banff), and UVic acquired the stock from the Banff store when it closed in the 80s. UVic’s Maltwood/Legacy Gallery has several pieces, with whimsical décor by Jean (I always thought her last name was McIntyre)
    How do I get these 5 or 6 images to you?
    I am presently working on a history of pottery in BC (1920-1950) and will share a few items with you when I have completed it.
    Best wishes…


    1. Barry Morrison Post author

      It’s good to hear from you, again, Allan. I ‘ll reply via email with more details about your generous offer to provide images. The history of pottery in BC 1920 – 1950 sounds most interesting. Please stay in touch on the project.


  2. Nick

    I came across your site while researching a mark on a nice stoneware bowl I recently acquired – it’s been a fun rabbit hole to go down! The mark is RMcK, and I thought it may be by Ruth Gowdy McKinley – but the stamp is different than the variations of her mark I’ve seen (the R is backwards, the little c is under the middle of the M, there’s also a stamp with what looks like an M S inside a circle (S is backwards, looks like mountains and a river). It also has a handwritten W.P. #125. I’ve had no success tracking any of it down. Any assistance in identifying the mark would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Nick



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