Pottery on Prince Edward Island


Ian Scott. PEI Pottery

Ian Scott. PEI Pottery

Collection: Pottery on Prince Edward Island

Key Contact: Ian Scott

Website: http://peipottery.blogspot.ca/

Address: Charlottetown, PEI

Comments: this site is a virtual collection, a detailed documentation of PEI potters, historical and contemporary. PEI has plenty of potters for such a small area. The site not only has an extensive, illustrated listing of PEI potters but also includes much needed documentation of potters’ signature and marks.

2 thoughts on “Pottery on Prince Edward Island

  1. Philip Duffy

    Thank you Ian,for including me in the list, I would like to include a potter also, quite well known, the 60’s and 70’s, Mrs. Helen Moase, Kensington,or Summerside area, if I may send some photos of a hand thrown small vase ,I have of hers from “Of the Isle” Brackley,PE.I. With a green glaze, earthenware, Thanks,hope this adds something,Philip Duffy



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