Alberta Foundation for the Arts


Alberta Foundation for the Arts Logo

Despite the frequent put down of governments and their agencies and their “support” of the arts some get it the right. If you want a go-to place to view Alberta ceramists’ works the Alberta Foundation of the Arts website is a must see.

The Foundation, since 1991, and its predecessors such as the Alberta Art Foundation have been key supporters of Alberta ceramists. The result is an outstanding, well documented, and accessible online collection that includes ceramics as a major component. It contains works by Alberta’s finest ceramists including such names as John Chalke, Barbara Tipton, Les Manning, Luke Lindoe, Walter Dexter, Ed Drahanchuk, Tony Bloom, and so many more.

Artists and their works can be viewed on the collections search feature, clicking on the Art Collections tab and then “Search Collection”, or by using my preference, the Advanced Search option. Very nice and easy!

Works from the collection are exhibited and showcased locally, provincially, and nationally.

As a footnote the AFA site also includes details on its acquisition policy and processes for Alberta artists to access its programs.

Check it out.

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