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Yours truly, aka Barry Morrison, working on the website in Mexico. Such dedication!

Yours truly, aka Barry Morrison, working on the website in Mexico. Such dedication!

This website is dedicated to the ceramic artists living and working in Canada who have elevated the medium to the quality we now see.

The site is part of a journey that began in the late 1970s. Although as an art museum director/curator with many potters as friends, and having curated many ceramic exhibitions, I had already discovered that information on Canadian studio ceramics was hard to obtain: harder than what was available on painters and sculptors, “fine artists.” And I was in the business!

A Canada Council grant helped kick start my research which I have continued over the years. Eventually the internet, specifically the potential of a website, provided a vehicle for sharing my research.

The development of this website was accelerated by what one of my artist friends called “the graying of ceramics”. This was particularly noticeable in the often hardly mentioned passing of many ceramist friends, many of whom I had exhibited, or personally interviewed and documented.

The subject of ceramics is vast. This website is focused on the development of Canadian studio ceramics from the early 20th century to the present. It is, therefore, part history, part biography and oral history, part critique. But it is all wonder at the careers and creations of the artists; about the details of their lives and experiences, those often little-known details and facts that make them interesting as people too.

This work is a labour of love. I do not get paid for this; nor do the artists I write about pay me. I write about them because they:

  • have been in the business for the long term, 20 years or more;
  • are recognized as leaders, or significant artistic and/or technical contributors to the field;
  • have made a significant contribution to raising the standards or awareness of ceramics, nationally or internationally;
  • were just plain glad to talk with me.

Enjoy the pages of this site. It will continue to grow. More pages will be added. Occasionally some will be updated – an advantage of the internet and websites.

Let me know what you think, by contacting me, commenting on the site, by passing on the word about it, and also clicking on the “Follow” button on the site.

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Thank you for visiting this site. Explore and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Dawn McLeod Miller

    I purchased a wonderful piece by Thomas Kakinuma in the mid 1970’s. It is two children, a boy and girl with a Samoyed dog. It was my youth depicted perfectly. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my parents. They are both dead now and I inherited it back. It is so charming and naïve. The dimensions are 12″ x 10″ high. The glazes are beautiful.



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