Gardiner Museum, Toronto


Gardiner Museum, Toronto

Gardiner Museum, Toronto

Collection: Gardiner Museum

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Location: 111 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2C7, Canada

Telephone:   416-586-8080

Fax: 416-586-8085


The Gardiner Museum in Toronto is Canada’s premier museum devoted to ceramics of many ages and cultures: Ancient America, China, Japan, Europe, International contemporary ceramics, and, of course, Canadian contemporary ceramics, particularly via the Raphael Yu Collection.

This particular collection is in the Raphael Yu Centre of Canadian Ceramics . The Centre recognizes the donation of an extraordinary collection of contemporary Canadian ceramics to the Gardiner. There is also a planned gift to create an endowment to allow the Gardiner to collect Canadian ceramics and create programs in perpetuity. Core activities of the Centre include the collection, research, publication and exhibition of Canadian ceramics, and programs that feature Canadian artists and/or their work.

The museum also houses the Gail Brooker Ceramic Research Library, open to the public by appointment.  To make an appointment call 416 586-8080 or contact .  The Library is a comprehensive reference centre for research in the field of ceramics, a non-circulating research collection. The collection includes over 2,500 volumes, in addition to periodicals, international auction catalogues, rare books, engravings, and scrapbooks, as well as several special collections. The library’s strengths reflect the Gardiner’s collection  priorities, and recent additions include collections on contemporary ceramics, Asian porcelain, and the Ancient Americas. The library catalogue is part of the University of Toronto Library System (UTCat).

The Museum collection, needless to say, is extensive. Much of it can be viewed online:  .

The museum also conducts tours, classes, lecture series, competitions and temporary exhibitions in its offerings.

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