Alain-MarieTremblay Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada

tremblay portrait young website v af4a0fb2173213fc-Alain1I have added a page on Val David, Quebec, ceramic sculptor, muralist and potter, Alain-Marie Tremblay.

His work spans over fifty years and includes the functional through to sculpture, tiles, architectural facades, murals and portals. His media include stoneware, porcelain and bétonique, the clay/concrete medium he developed.

His work has also been extensively recognized, exhibited and collected internationally yet he stays true to Val David to create his works.

Enjoy the life and work of Alain-Marie Tremblay.

4 thoughts on “Alain-MarieTremblay Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada

  1. Hopper Robin

    Hi Barry, Nice to to be reminded of my old friend Alain-Marie Tremblay who I haven’t heard from for quite a while. Quite the portfolio. I spent a year in Quebec in 1983 and got to know him quite well. He took over from me as second Prezz in trying to make Ceramists Canada a working organization. A pretty impossible process given the size of the country and the paucity of players. Some good things came out of it, the most important being the development of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo.

    Best wishes, Robin



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