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The Stoneware Gallery Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada

The Stoneware Gallery, Winnipeg

The Stoneware Gallery, Winnipeg

Keeping in mind the contribution that influential pottery groups make to sustaining and training ceramists in various region across Canada I have added a page on Winnipeg’s The Stoneware Gallery.

Without a formal Manitoba provincial potters’ guild or association this collective is critical for the visibility and quality of ceramics of all types, not only in the province but across the country. The various artists involved over the years have been doing this for almost forty years. Remarkable!

Institute for Artists’ Estates

The Institute for Artists' Estates Logo

The Institute for Artists’ Estates Logo

Sometimes when I am just browsing around I come across a nugget. This one in particular got me thinking. The mortality of our ceramic artists, especially over the past year or two, has struck me.
The nugget was an article in the Art Newspaper on the Institute for Artists’ Estates. Hold on, you might say! We are just potters! Maybe some are. But many aren’t just potters. Even in the ceramic world prices are climbing. Many of the heirs or estate managers of ceramic artists are family, just plain folks, with little knowledge of how to appreciate or handle the remaining inventory: its storage and handling, conservation, insuring, marketing, donations, sales and the like. Primary heirs might be steeped in the work and production and might not see them in the same way as collectors, galleries, museums or auction houses. Secondary heirs might not see beyond the cash value.
The Institute’s website has some interesting comments and articles to reflect upon. While the organization might on the surface sound like it is directed at the high end fine art market it has information that all art estate managers, existing or potential, should be thinking about. A book will be published in June 2016 titled The Artist Estate: A Handbook for Artists, Executors, and Heirs, by two of the Institute’s principals, Dr. Loretta Würtenberger and Karl von Trott.
Something to think about.

Art Gallery of Burlington Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada

Art Gallery of Burlington

Art Gallery of Burlington

I have added a short page on the Art Gallery of Burlington to The Collectors and Collections section of the site. The AGB is a major player in promoting, exhibiting and collecting Canadian ceramic artists. Check it out.

A Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Page Added to Studio Ceramics Canada

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Logo

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Logo

I have added a page on the premier Canadian public gallery devoted to ceramics, enamel and glass.

Galleries, permanent and study collections, the Winifred Schantz and RBC awards coordination, archives, a library, and community programs are available to researchers and the public.

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery is a must see stop for ceramic and glass enthusiasts and researchers.

Debra Sloan Horsing Around. An Exhibition Oct 2-Nov 2

Debra Sloan Horsing Around Exhibition Invitation

Debra Sloan Horsing Around Exhibition Invitation

That tireless powerhouse of BC ceramics, Debra Sloan, ceramist, author, historian and world traveller has an exhibition on one of her favourite themes, a subject that has inspired her since childhood, horses, but with Debra’s own touch. The exhibition continues to November 2 at the Gallery of BC Ceramics, Granville Island, Vancouver.


Ann Mortimer Page Added to Studio Ceramics Canada

Ann Mortimer at her "Umbrella Escapade" Exhibition.

Ann Mortimer at her “Umbrella Escapade” Exhibition.

A new page on  Newmarket, Ontario artist, Ann Mortimer has been added to the website

Ann’s extensive body of work and long career has spanned the world. Her porcelain works mine the potential of themes from spheres and “bird, bud and fish” forms to plates, cups and umbrellas. In addition, her tireless efforts on behalf of the ceramic world have influenced, students, major artists and organizations around the world.

Stay tuned. More pages are in the works on artists such as Susan Collett, Enid Legros-Wise, Connie Pike, Les Manning, Stan and Jean Clarke, Luke Lindoe, Brendan Tang and many others.

Anyone who has memories or images of these artists they would be willing to share please contact me.


North Bay and Area Potters Guild Being Created

NB Potters GuildThings are moving in North Bay. Under the leadership of Keith Campbell a new group is in the process of getting together.  After Canadore closed its pottery studio local potters are taking the initiative to keep things alive. The following is a press release for their “first ever” AGM written in Keith’s inimitable style.


Press Release for the North Bay and Area Potters Guild

 The North Bay Potters Guild is having their first ever Annual General Meeting (AGM), being held Thursday, March 27 at 7 pm at 150 Oak St West.

 This is not going to be a boring, horrible experience, but will be fun and informative with cup cakes being served and a draw for a Keith Campbell porcelain covered jar worth $250. And, last but not least, we are going on a field trip down the street to the new home of the North Bay and Area Potters Guild at 128 Oak St East. We will then take photographs to celebrate this historical event. You will also learn how to become part of this incredible group! We will answer all your questions about the different levels, and the costs. When the renovations are complete, when we will open our doors for business. We will also present our financial budget at that time.

 We are North Bay’s newest arts and cultural group in the downtown area and we have plans for classes, sales, exhibits and partnerships with the other arts and cultural groups in the city. We are working to make the City of North Bay an arts and cultural center.

 Our web site is and our email is

 Please join us for this event,


Keith Campbell SCA

Artist In Residence Emeritus (Canadore College)

President of the North Bay and Area Potters Guild 


Website ARCH-BC Worth Looking At

ARCH_BC Homepage

ARCH_BC Homepage

Check out ARCH-BC, a database developed by the Potters Guild of British Columbia (PGBC). It is an invaluable resource not only for the history of BC pottery but also for the documenting of potters from across Canada and from around the world who taught, demonstrated or visited the province. PGBC documents going back to the 1960s have been archived and digitized for retrieval by anyone.

Kudos to the Guild. They are light years ahead of so many other regions in preserving their ceramic history. A key driver in this project is Debra Sloan of the Guild, one of the most helpful and informed people in the business.

The Pottery Supply House Website Added to Studio Ceramics Canada

Pottery Supply House  Showroom

Pottery Supply House Showroom

I have added links to one of the most important and oldest retails suppliers to ceramists. They also have an extensive collection of Canadian Studio Ceramics. Check out the new page The Pottery Supply House.