The Stoneware Gallery Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada

The Stoneware Gallery, Winnipeg

The Stoneware Gallery, Winnipeg

Keeping in mind the contribution that influential pottery groups make to sustaining and training ceramists in various region across Canada I have added a page on Winnipeg’s The Stoneware Gallery.

Without a formal Manitoba provincial potters’ guild or association this collective is critical for the visibility and quality of ceramics of all types, not only in the province but across the country. The various artists involved over the years have been doing this for almost forty years. Remarkable!

3 thoughts on “The Stoneware Gallery Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada

  1. Alain-Marie Tremblay

    Hi Barry, It is nice to see you assemble potters and give news. Have a look of my last firing. Do you come in Montreal some time? Let me know it.

    and I add this mural witch is now at the Musée de la Pointe à Callière:

    Ave! UGH! Kondiaronk. porcelain with colloids of engobe, and glass. H. 5’ x L. 3’. AMT 2016. These are the totemic signatures of the 1701 great peace of Montreal imagined over a view of St. Laurent river.

    (the cross would represent the european people0 All the small sticks figures as parked canoes around the island from every where in america.

    I like to discover the views that you offer us trough Studio Ceramics Canada. Congratulations and regards Alain

    alain marie tremblay




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