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Alexandra McCurdy. Last Days To Catch Her January Exhibition And Sale At the Gardiner Shop.

If you haven’t done it yet make sure you catch Alexandra’s exhibition and sale in the Gardiner Museum shop. Yes, that’s the shop! The works are classic McCurdy, including her iconic boxes and bowls. Alexandra has a long relationship with the Gardiner. In fact, 30 years ago, as the first artist displayed in the shop, Peter Gzowski opened her show, a huge success, and interviewed her on Morningside. She was, therefore, invited to be the January 2018 featured artist to celebrate the Gardiner shop’s 30 years of operation.

The exhibition and sale run for the month of January. A must see for collectors and McCurdy fans!

Alexandra McCurdy (RCA) at the David Kaye Gallery, Toronto

An invitation for you to Alexandra McCurdy's exhibition at the David Kaye Gallery

An invitation for you to Alexandra McCurdy’s exhibition at the David Kaye Gallery

For those of you who are fans of Alexandra McCurdy’s art be sure to catch her exhibition, Crossing Material Boundaries, at the David Kaye Gallery,  from October 1 to 25, 2015. As a special treat Alexandra herself will be there on Saturday, Oct. 3, from 2 to 4 pm.

New Artist Page: Alexandra McCurdy

Alexandra McCurdy, 2011

Alexandra McCurdy, 2011

A new artist page has been added to the website. Alexandra McCurdy is a Halifax, Nova Scotia, artist. Her work is strongly autobiographical using themes from feminism and her own personal history to produce mysterious and symbolic forms, spaces and surfaces. Enjoy reading about her life, her thoughts and, of course, her work