Gaetan Beaudin Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada Website

Gaetan Beaudin 1967

Gaetan Beaudin 1967

I have added a page on the major Quebec artist, Gaétan Beaudin. His name appears on the resumes of many of today’s major ceramists. His love of the medium, his searching, his experimenting, and his organizing, at a time when resources were few, have been a major influence on the aesthetics and creativity of many of Quebec ceramists today. He was an opinionated but also a most sharing man.

After 1982 the information on his life and work becomes more sparse. There is still more research to be done on this later period. Nonetheless, enjoy reading about his life and thoughts, and viewing a selection of his works

4 thoughts on “Gaetan Beaudin Page Added To Studio Ceramics Canada Website

  1. Hopper Robin

    Hi Barry, For the Francophone Connection you should connect with Leopold Foulem in Montreal. He knows everything and every one. You can Google him. He is a great historian, collector and also a Bronfman recipient. He is very thorough internationally respected artist and academic. I have felt that the Quebec contingent has been much under represented, but didn’t want to push you too hard in your amazing project. Tell him you are a friend of mine. There are many Quebec artists very worthy of inclusion.


      1. Charles Lecours

        Mr Morrison, i recently read the excellent bio you collected on Gaétan Beaudin , i will let the member of the A.C.C.Q (Association des collectionneurs de céramique du Québec) know about it and your very informative website, which prove to be very useful again as i just came across a nice piece by Thomas Kakinuma . Mrs Sloan bio of the master potter is also amazing. I will try and provide photos soon.
        Charles Lecours


      2. Barry Morrison Post author

        M. Lecoux, thank you for the kind words on the website and Debra Sloan’s article. The offer to share Kakinuma works is also appreciated. Your offer to share the information on the website’s presence with the ACCQ is most welcomed. ACCQ is a major ceramic-studying organization in Quebec. I wish we had more like it in other provinces. Just as a note I am also working on pages on Jean Cartier, Pierre-Aime Normandeau, and Jacques Garnier. I have already published pages on Enid Legros-Wise, Alain-Marie Tremblay and Maurice Savoie.

        So many artists. So little time.


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