Curiator and Artsy. Any Ceramic Artists or Collectors Interested?

Curiator logo

Curiator logo

Artsy logo

Artsy logo

I have just received a post from CHIN, the Canadian Information Heritage Network that discusses two new sites that might be of interest to Canadian ceramists and collectors who want a wider visual presence on the internet.

The CHIN page has a pretty complete description of the pros and cons of a new site called Curiator. But the CHIN page also mentions  a slightly older (2013) site, Artsy, and even the “old” standby Pinterest. Generally images can be posted and shared. On all three setting up an account is required

Curiator bills itself as the world’s biggest art collaboratrive; Artsy states its mission is “to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection,  a resource for art collecting and education”. Although the sites give a first impression of being devoted to “Fine Art” there are sections for contemporary ceramics.

Check them out at the links above and let me know if you think they are worthwhile.

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