The Studio Pottery Canada Website Scores Another Hit With Its Des Loan Article

I have mentioned the Studio Pottery Canada website – – before. The site is a much needed addition to the history of Canadian Studio Ceramics.

In a new article on the BC potter, Des Loan, the author, Cliff Schwartz, in concert with Loan’s son-in-law, Peter Flanagan, has shown his skill in research, documentation, and high quality photo-documents, including marks and signatures. Cliff is a collector who truly loves the subject of his research. With a focus on British Columbia ceramics, particularly the Okanagan Valley, he has produced a well-designed website that informative and a pleasure to read.

Cliff describes his site:

Pottery enthusiast learning about the history of this Canadian art form and curating samples from the best in the field pre-1980.

A modest statement, but a powerful addition to the Canadian ceramics story.

Scroll through the home page and read further articles on Gordon Hutchens, and The Summerland Art League; or click on the tabs for extensive sections on Wayne Ngan, and a gallery of BC and Alberta artists

Discover, enjoy and learn.

1 thought on “The Studio Pottery Canada Website Scores Another Hit With Its Des Loan Article

  1. Debra Sloan

    Thirty years ago I used to wonder who was this guy who had the same initials as myself…..Debra.E.Sloan….!!!!! Great article, and wonderful to
    have history on early BC ceramics!



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