The Pottery of Louise and Adolph Schwenk: A Pottery Lover’s Website

Good things are afoot when pottery collectors and connoisseurs come online to share their information and collections. Less than a year ago Cliff Schwartz and his page on the Schwenks. Cliff has an interest in BC ceramics. particularly the Okanagan. You can see the Schwenk page at . But the surprise is there is more: more artist information on such contemporaries as Axel Ebring, Walter Dexter, Zeljko Kujundzic, Des and Peggy Loan, Frank Poll, and Frances Hatfield.

And still more. Cliff has another site . that he started in 2018. He modestly describes the site:

This purpose of this site is to tell and preserve some of the stories of Canadian potters and thus serve as a source of information to collectors, researchers and enthusiasts. 

Studio Pottery Canada primarily focuses on pottery thrown before 1980 and is intended to supplement (not compete with) other on-line sources of information about the potters of Canada. 

Cliff’s images and information are marvellous. Enjoy his sites

6 thoughts on “The Pottery of Louise and Adolph Schwenk: A Pottery Lover’s Website

  1. Paula Vachon

    Thank you for sharing! My first interest is Canadian hand painted porcelain but I have a small eclectic collection of Canadian Studio Pottery, mostly small items, ie a few Hagen and Deichmann, some Harlander, a Lambert, etc. Most of the pieces are identified but I have a few signed, unidentified. I am glad I can enrich my knowledge following yours and other fellows collectors sites. Best, Paula



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