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Based on many of the enquiries I have received I am thinking about adding a section on ‘Signatures, Marks, Chops’ to the website. Would this be of interest and value to you, artists, collectors, readers and followers?

Let me know your thoughts by emailing me at or commenting below on this post.

15 thoughts on “Signatures, Marks, Chops

  1. Rene Mehrer

    Yes please!

    I’ve been collecting signatures, marks and chops on a Pinterest page for a while, and as I learn who they are I move them from the “Mystery” page to the “I figured it out” page. I often think that people with more knowledge than me would probably have a much easier time than I do at identifying the marks.

    I would love this as a resource!

    *René Mehrer* *Auction Coordinator | Fourth Meridian Auctions * (250) 462-4969


    1. Barry Morrison Post author

      Thank you René. You are not the only one puzzled by many of the marks and chops on ceramics. As the section expands I hope the site’s readership will be a wide, continually growing resource to which others, artists and others, can contribute. Artists have already been forwarding their contribution. Would it be OK if I use your Pinterest site as a resource?


  2. Danny K

    HI Barry yes chops and marks are important.  Here is mine I hope this is clear it is a DK  Danny Kostyshin. P.S. I have been in 2 exhibits this July at a Museum in Tinseltown in conjunction with Canada 150.The name of this exhibit is unfortunate, “Lily White”. I asked about the title and it was agreed that it is a bad translation it is meant to mean “Purity”.  and at another non profit gallery RSpace I was in a group show called FIREWORKS and I had a show a group show of chawan in Belgium and it moves to Holland in Nov then Antwerp in march 2018.  all the best Danny Kostyshin


  3. susancollett

    Hi Barry,

    Hope this finds you well,

    SSC is so great! I bet it would be interesting to see marks and chips, your posts are always so informative. Thank you for all you do for Ceramics across the country

    I was just accepted into the Salt Spring National Arts Prize, SSNAP, I entered to find some connections to western Canada along with having a gallery in Calgary.

    My show CONCURRENTS at Sandra Ainsley Gallery in Toronto closes on Saturday. It is the best presentation of my work to date I think., I wish you lived closer by to see it.

    Warm summer regards, Susan 261 Niagara St. Toronto On 416.504.5313 Instagram: susan.collett


  4. Al Scott

    Definitely, with some emphasis on ancient and just old marks so old pottery can be more easily identified.

    Al Scott, Breakaway Pottery.



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