John Chalke: The Surface Tension Exhibition. An Invitation

John Chalke: Surface Tension Exhibition

John Chalke: Surface Tension Exhibition

If you are in Calgary from October 15 to December 19, 2015, you cannot afford to miss this exhibition at the Nickle Art Gallery, University of Calgary.

Curated by Michele Hardy and with a catalogue essay by Amy Gogarty, the show promises to be a much needed exploration into the ceramic art of that icon of Alberta ceramics, John Chalke.

“John Chalke’s ‘clay paintings’ are conceptual ceramic works that dance between sculpture and painting.  Inspired by the landscape of southwestern Alberta no less than its local clay, minerals, textures, and fissures, Chalke’s works are richly  textured.  Surface Tension draws on public and private collections from across Canada to explore the horses and cows, bottles and broken crockery, aerial views and archaeology of Chalke’s personal iconography”

Visit, learn, enjoy. And let me know how you liked the exhibition.

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