Walter Dexter 1931 – 2015 Passes

Walter Dexter 1931-2015

Walter Dexter 1931-2015

Another great one in the history of Canadian studio ceramics has passed. Award winning Walter Dexter started in Alberta with Luke Lindoe but spent most of his years in British Columbia, especially Vancouver Island. Raku, Stoneware, and his Torso Vases are part of his teaching and artistic legacy. He will be missed.

6 thoughts on “Walter Dexter 1931 – 2015 Passes

  1. DebraEsloan

    Hello Barry,

    We are all saddened in BC, by Walter’s passing. He was a founding potter and artist and contributed so much. We had our big bi-annual fund raising dinner ,” From Oven and Kiln “ held for the North-West Ceramics Foundation in May, Gailan Ngan was the recipient of the NWCF $5000.00 Award, and 45 pieces donated by our leading ceramics artists were auctioned. There were 3 pieces of Walter’s that captured much attention. The funds support our Speaker Series and, and several grants. We are also very saddened by the passing, 2 days before Walter, of Bill Rennie, another BC ceramist and a very distinct voice, who had a big following in BC He died of liver cancer at the age of 62, The Art Gallery of Surrey has 2 magnificent pieces of his . Hope all is well with you as the summer is finally coming. best, wishes, Debra


  2. Ann Mortimer

    In mid May, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to visit Walter in hospital as he tried to regain his strength. He wanted to return to his retirement residence and also, get back to work making his torso vases for Jonathon and Brian in London, ON. We spent a wonderful hour revisiting many shared experiences. Thanks Judi Dyelle for making this visit possible. Ann Mortimer


  3. Esther Drone

    Sad to hear of his passing. A wonderful maker of pots. I only had the opportunity of meeting and visiting his studio a few times and had a booth next to him at one of the Fired Up Shows in Metchosin. He was a lovely man. Esther Drone



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