Do you recognize these pottery marks?

A little help please. Does anyone recognize these artists’ marks below?

Unknown Pot Signature 1

Unknown Pot Signature 1

The first may have Inuit connections from the ’60s or ’70s even though the signature itself does not appear Inuit. The clay seems to be a heavily grogged stoneware. The base looks as though it was cut straight from the batt.

bluebird pot signature 1

bluebird pot signature 1

The second may have come from the London region. The foot is trimmed with the signature incised before the glaze firing.

Just leave a comment to this post. Many thanks for any help.

7 thoughts on “Do you recognize these pottery marks?

    1. Barry Morrison Post author

      Thanks, Ann. It seemed a bit of a long shot. Maybe someday someone will recognize them. I know the BC Potters Guild and a PEI site are researching marks/signatures/chops but it is slow going generally.


  1. Debra Sloan

    Hi Barry, I forwarded these marks to John Lawrence at Do Da’s, and to Santo Mignosa. Interestingly, in the 60s Santo taught four Inuit students at the Kootenay School of Art, and in both 66 and 67 that class won the silver medal for the school entries, at Faenza, Italy. I have no idea what the work looked like.
    good luck, Debra



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