Peter Rupchan, Potter. A new page on

Peter Rupchan With His Pottery

Peter Rupchan With His Pottery

Welcome to a new page on Peter Rupchan was a Ukrainian-Saskatchewan potter who typifies  the pioneer spirit, hardiness and passion of this early phase of 20th century Canadian history. His resourcefulness, creativity and stamina would give pause to most of us as to how easy we have it today. If anyone knows of other images to add to the gallery please contact me.

Stay tuned. More pages are in the works on artists such as Ruth Gowdy Mckinley. Enid Legros-Wise, Paula Murray, Hansen-Ross, Connie Pike, Stan and Jean Clarke and many others. Anyone who has memories or images of these artists they would be willing to share please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Peter Rupchan, Potter. A new page on

  1. Gloria Hickey

    Hello Barry, I am wondering if all of your entries are organized by person or do you have topics as well. I am writing about regionalism for example. The Burlington Art Centre is organizing a new national show of emerging talent. I am the juror/curator for the Atlantic Region. Greg Payce, Sally Michener, Alan Elder, Sandra Alfoldy are some of the others. Be well,

    Gloria Hickey, St. John’s, NL


    1. Barry Morrison Post author

      Gloria, at this stage I am focusing on the artists, and particularly their works and the backstories to their works. There is more than enough to do in this area. That said, one topic I have been considering is “Emerging Artists.” I have been contacted by a few who have expressed interest in the site. Other topics will be mentioned within the artists’ pages or as updates to pages, if appropriate. I have thought of including the mention of topics, such as you mentioned, in the blog section, if they come to my attention. But sites such as yours, Gloria, and Carole Epp’s Musing About Mud seem to take care of much of the contemporary activity and have a long, established history and readership. Nothing is fixed though. Cooperative efforts and sharing are always a good thing in the business. Take care.



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