We’ve gone live!

Welcome to the website studioceramicscanada.com. Bookmark this site or follow the site by clicking on the “Follow” button and entering your email.

Elaine Harrison, Monika Smith, Barry Morrison, Alice Switzer, Darlene Swan at the APA conference "Off Centre" Calgary, May 10-11, 2013

Elaine Harrison, Monika Smith, Barry Morrison, Alice Switzer, Darlene Swan at the APA conference “Off Centre” Calgary, May 10-11, 2013

Read through the sampling of pages created to get a feel for where we are going. There will be many more pages to come. Some of the pages we are working on will give you an idea of where we are going over the next several months and years: Les Manning, John Chalke, the Deichmanns, Peter Rupchan, Gaetan Beaudin. Alain Tremblay, Phil and Alice Switzer, Connie Pike, Peter Powning, Tim Worthington, Pam Birdsall, Ann Mortimer, Robin Hopper, the Selfridges, Jack Sures, Alexandra McCurdy, Carol Smeraldo, and many more!

Unlike a book or an article the site will be ever-evolving, updated and accessible to other ceramists, to collectors, curators, gallery owners, auctioneers and the buying public. A currently existing page can be updated or revised as new information becomes available. Power to the internet!

If you would like to be included by having a page on the site just contact me at studioceramicscanada@gmail.com. We can then talk to discuss how best to get your career, your work and images on the internet. There should be no cost to you apart from the bit of time to talk, correspond and share pictures. The site will complement your own website (if you have one) not replace it. Your presence and accessibility can only be enhanced by expanding your internet presence.

If you would like me to come and speak to your group or at an event, contact me and we can work out a plan.

Join your fellow artists and collectors, and me in this exciting adventure. We have only just begun!

6 thoughts on “We’ve gone live!

  1. Monika Smith

    Barry! What an amazing feat! You are creating an identity for us that is from sea to shining sea. I look forward to the growth of the website and many of our masters of clay added to the website. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you, Monika Smith, president Alberta Potters’ Association


  2. Tammy Sutherland

    Congratulations, Barry, on getting the site up and running! It looks good and obviously has a ton of potential. I’m looking forward to watching the pages grow and getting to know this country’s ceramic history and present in greater depth. Thanks for the leadership and tremendous commitment of time you’re putting into this.
    Tammy Sutherland, Programme Coordinator, Manitoba Craft Council



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