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Artist Paula Murray Page added to studio website

Paula Murray

Paula Murray

A new page on the Meech Lake artist, Paula Murray, has been added to the website

Paula Murray’s porcelain works reflect an inquisitive mind exploring the natural and the spiritual within the individual and within the group. Shells and shorelines, bowls and reeds are her literal subjects, as individuals or in groups. Within these forms she explores the forms and stresses, the cracks and pressures of surface and shape as porcelain and fibreglass are folded, pressed and stained. Her work displays effects ranging from an almost exact individual zoological precision to the subtle metaphorical individuality of surfaces and shapes within a grouping. Subtlety and contemplation are constants.

Stay tuned. More pages are in the works on artists such as Ann Mortimer, Susan Collett, Enid Legros-Wise, Connie Pike, Les Manning, Stan and Jean Clarke and many others. Anyone who has memories or images of these artists they would be willing to share please contact me.

Ruth Gowdy McKinley Page Published has just published a new page on the iconic artist Ruth Gowdy McKinley. Much of the page is based on an interview I conducted with Ruth, December 8, 1980. Much help was also provided by her daughter, Lauren McKinley Renzetti. Thank you Lauren.

Click on the link above and enjoy the page, the images and the passion of a great ceramist.

Barry Morrison

Keith Campbell Page Update

Keith Campbell's Chop Mark

Keith Campbell’s Chop Mark

I have updated Keith Campbell’s page with a new chop mark and a copy of the face of his business card. I am always trying to keep the site as current as possible. Chops, marks, signatures are items on which I receive a goodly number of enquiries. It seem to be a subject of great interest to collectors.

Robin Hopper: A new page added to the Studio Ceramics Canada website



I have added a page on Vancouver Island  icon Robin Hopper. You can see the page at new Robin Hopper page. 

Enjoy and pass the word around.